I am well aware of all this, it doesn’t change the fact that the US is (just barely) still a superpower in the world…in fact the US has been the only superpower for the past 20 years or so. If you think any country has been just peachy with that you are clueless as to the ways in which foreign policy works.

The US has no friends. We have allies though. Russia has never been one of them. Are you trying to rewrite history? What current events lead you to believe Russia and the US could become allies? Especially since, the US financial dominance in global markets, comes at a cost to the Russians and the Chinese (and they are neighbors, so they have far more incentive to cooperate with each other than either has an incentive to cooperate with the US)?

Of course the US and Russia has cooperated on certain projects, almost every country has cooperated on something with another country. That’s what the UN is for, making worthless, toothless compromises and pacts between nations, and?

It is in the US best interests, now more than ever, to stick with the allies we have always had. Suggesting any other course of action, seriously destabilizes the world order, too quickly — worst case scenario- almost all the other countries (including Russia) turn on the US and take us out. The world is less than thrilled with President Trump. The Queen is not amused, nor is May, nor is Putin. Angela Merkel has had enough; and we haven’t even mentioned the major upsets with Korea, China or Australia.

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