I can appreciate your take on race and color…it really should not matter. I agree with you totally on that…but in America, it’s only white people, or very light people (like myself) who have the luxury of taking on that perspective. For most Black ins America - it is just a fact- the darker they are, the harder life is going to be. If your kids have a little color to them, (if they can’t pass) you’d better prepare yourself for the fact that they will be treated differently, than you were. They will not receive all of the benefits that your white skin brought you. Especially not the boy…the darker he is, the harder time he is going to have…sorry.

You know what broke my heart…one day my son looked in the mirror at himself and said “I am so dark.” And…he sounded so disappointed. No matter how much I told my children color doesn’t matter, it never took. Society definitely taught them otherwise…it taught them it matters A LOT.

My darkest son has learned that there are real consequences to being dark and especially male in America.

But your kids are, as my sister would say, “swirly!”

These swirly kids are the future…which is why so many people in America right now are losing their ever-loving minds…all these swirly kids are deeply upsetting the American racial status quo…as for me, I say good riddance!

Working with the Light!

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