I can sign off on this Arthur. I would love to respond more in depth, however, you tend to pack so many complicated thoughts into your responses, one almost needs to prepare a dissertation in order to respond.

I don’t have the time right now to respond fully, but you raise a lot of valid points. I agree with many of them; and I even get your point about the film.

But let me play devil’s advocate — and say, because this is what my friend would say as she has been talking to me about this ad naseaum — perhaps your response to the film is based in “white fragility.” What’s that? I don’t quite know. Apparently, someone wrote an article and I’ve been tasked with reading it, so I am going to have to get back to you on a more comprehensive definition. But from what I can ascertain- it means that white people force everyone else to make them feel comfortable with them being white and simultaneously demonize every other race for being whatever they are. I could be wrong though. This is the definition I have crafted based on the way I hear others talk about it. Another form of deconstruction for sure — and yet it doesn’t mean these things aren’t true.

It is fair to say that whites do not want to feel any sort of discomfort around their race. I am a very light-skinned African-American, so I’m accustomed to this discomfort. Do you know how many times I have been told that I have white privilege? A lot, by other blacks who feel comfortable enough with me to have this conversation.

At first, like most whites, I flat out rejected the notion that I had some sort of white privilege. But then, I started to actually do the research and observe my surroundings. Very soon after, it became obvious. It is a process and an uncomfortable one at that. Why would any white person want to go through it? Most don’t and the only ones who do, primarily do so because of their connections to black or brown people.

And so then, diehard racist scram and whine and cry about “miscegenation” and the whites dying out. It is the reason Barack Obama drives them insane. He’s not black. Not in any traditional sense. He’s a tan white man, who happened to have an African father — but spent his formative years with his white grandparents. Mixing it up changes the idea that white and only white is right — especially when you have a Barack Obama on the world stage.

The mixing up of DNA is nature. It is evolution. And attempting to thwart or tamper with nature, inevitably leads to disastrous results. The DNA has to mix up. In breeding causes weakness. The healthiest among us are the ones with the DNA from all races. It’s probably the reasons Brazilians are so beautiful. They have a little bit of everything.

Well…I could go on. But I have to go. So much work to do, trying to stop kids from being sexually exploited. But that makes me such a horrible feminist…I should just be shot in the head for engaging in such antics.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!