I certainly don’t doubt it, but I think that’s almost always the case with any police department or law enforcement agency doing anything.

And yes I do realize that nothing damaging has been leaked to the press, and no I don’t think it would be if it were necessarily there either. Most Information that reaches the public is tip of the iceberg stuff, which is why I don’t make any proclamations one way or the other.

There was actually during the campaign some fairly damaging stuff making the rounds via social media about Trump and Clinton, regarding pedaphilia connections for both of them, the mainstream media never touched it.

I realize that we will probably never know the truth, but since everyone and everything is so corrupt, it is probably best to have everyone investigating everyone else.

Certainly the Trump administration has run roughshod over all sorts of ethics and conflict of interests guidances: nepotism for starters and that is generally considered a particularly heinous offense in government, so all this “Trump hasn’t done anything wrong” just seems like wishful thinking from supporters who want to back him no matter what. And I’m not implying that’s you, which is why I asked you specifically how you arrived at your conclusions.

I am really trying to see if there is anything to this notion that Trump is being baselessly targeted with the Russia stuff. The only way I could get any new information is to speak to someone who claims to be relatively unbiased. I agree with you, that nothing damaging has come to light yet, other than Trump’s own behavior about it, but that’s a problem. No one should be shocked that an independent investigation is going forward. I get it that people are upset because this means even more D.C. Gridlock, but there’s just no way to vote away the problems we have created and the systems that are largely a part of them. People who thought Trump was an answer are going to end up just as disappointed as people who thought Obama was.

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