I couldn’t figure out why I just really didn’t like this show. Exhausting and unlikable and miserable…yeah…that is that dude! A beige sort of Larry David…except Larry David is not miserable.

Also the kids are often bratty and smarmy and snide and smug.

The parenting seems abysmal and negligent. Even Tyler Perry was appalled by it.

Kenya is prone to bouts of baffoonery. The wife is full-on black female bafoon (that’s new.)

It it actually a lot of novel things, but none of it is particularly enjoyable or entertaining to me. It does go all Cosby with the lessons in the middle of the bad entertainment…it is for white people…but maybe in a good way. They like the bad entertainment…if you know white people (as I know white people) you can totally understand how and why Kenya is right up their ally.

I’m sure they find both he and Rashida hysterical, in the way they find all the highly assimilated and powerful black people hysterical…cause the one thing a powerful black person in America cannot be is threatening. With a little bit of coonery, the Kenya’s and Rashidas of the world are so incredibly likable and entertaining…to white people. Black people not so much.

Kenya is a spoonful of sugar (white washed relatable black people) that helps the medicine go down (all the Cosby style lessons) in the most delightful way.

It is a job that someone definitely needs to do…a public service (to black people really), but it’s a job that will probably make one miserable. This is probably why the character is so miserable.

I kept telling my husband I did not like the show because it was vapid…but it’s really more complicated than that. I think the main character’s misery is really what turns me off.

Even from the opening theme song WIN! WIN! WIN! I feel like the overall theme is that the main character is always losing, and primarily due to self-inflicted wounds.

Cliff Huxtable (as flawed as the character has become) was at least happy, often positively joyful! A little twisted that he was a gynecology though…ijs…

Kinda like R. Kelly being the pied piper of R&B truth in plain sight… Kenya Barris probably is the most transparent of these big black celebrities. I have made it BIG! Shucking and jivin for white folk! My only consolation is I get to tell little bits of truth, that they will tolerate in three minute soundbites. This makes me absolutely miserable.

I think he’s telling the truth about all of it.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!