I did. Definitely in 1984 territory. More so than ever before in my lifetime. So many people in the Trump admin blatantly lie…now there were always lies, but never so many blatant ones. And stupid ones. The sky is not blue, it is pink and green. Dumb lies. Really incredibly obvious lies.

Probably this is happening so that we can move on to more serious ones. Testing the waters right now, with dumb lies about the inauguration. It is disturbing to those of us who think and never fall for these kinds of cons that we have to share space and time with so many idiots who do. A lie is a lie is a lie. It is no less of a lie if a Republican tells it, as opposed to a Democrat. But here we are listening to thousands of nutter butters who want to sit up and argue that lies are true. That is 1984 territory.

Anytime you say anything is “the greatest ever” it is a lie. Most things can’t be quantified accurately in those terms. That’s why three year olds talk like that. Young minds can only embrace those simple concepts. But no adult in a complex society should use that kind of language. It is highly imprecise. History and language was under attack in 1984 and it is under attack now.

Working with the Light!

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