I did not think that and I voted for Hillary, but I wasn’t nearly excited about it as you were, even though deep in my heart I knew she was as competent, probably more so, than any of them. I Understand your anger, pain, frustration. But you have to understand that you are grieving a system that is already dead. Hillary couldn’t give us what we wanted, neither could Bernie, clearly won’t Trump. We no longer have a functioning democracy. You are beating a dead horse. Because of this, everyone who voted was engaging in a futile exercise, or in my case, I was taking a very calculated risk, a vote for Hillary was for me a vote for the slower destruction of our democracy versus the fast track we are on now. She is Pub lite, and despised for daring to be that and also female and competent. Also, she comes across as slightly arrogant, this drives men crazy some women too. And while arrogance isn’t a trait that is desired in anyone, men clearly get a pass. On a scale of 1 to 10, Hillary’s arrogance is a 7, meanwhile Trump’s is 237. And some people will eat the streaks out of his tighty whities.

But Hillary? Yes she was unfairly demonized, and a lot of women (especially white women) are taking it personally -and quite honestly they should. I think this election showed, glaringly, how deeply white America devalues white women. (And if they devalue white women so profoundly, women of color have not a chance.) A man could have had four times the flaws of Hillary (ahem Trump, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell) and no one would have thought twice about it. They still don’t.

But, upside? I think the slim defeat of Hillary has lit a fire under women everywhere, and that’s a good thing. This essay is testament to that. You have a deep and righteous anger, it is justified. The Bern people, unfortunately have the same. If the Dems can’t reconcile this rift, (and it seems they cannot) they are done as a party.

I honestly don’t have a dog in this fight, despised Trump, tepid on both Hillary and Bern. I am entirely disgusted with the system itself, and articles like these signal to me that it is over, done. It probably started with Nixon, the demise of democracy. Putting a great deal of hope and faith in any of these politicians, will always lead to heartbreak.

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