I didn’t say all white people, but certainly quite a few. Do you really think this is a controversial statement? Honestly. Did you not witness 8 years of the Republican Party hating and bashing Obama, just because he was (not even black) but tan?

The man was biracial, and culturally quite white, and like most other presidents…unlike Trump, who is white and unlike most other presidents. If Obama has done 1/10 of the bizarre stuff Trump has done, the Republicans would have hung him from a tree.

What I wrote obviously hit a nerve, but let me guess, you’re not racist. But you take issue with BLM and Obama and Colin Kaepernick, and any black person who has the audacity to say, “please don’t kill me.” But you’re not racist.

Maybe ask yourself why you find black people speaking up for themselves (and being the president) so threatening, if you do.

Don’t do it for me, do it for you. You need to know yourself.

I see your response to what I wrote, and I understand it, far better than you do probably. I’m not shocked by it. I’m not even offended, because I understand that this is the response of someone who feels threatened; and I understand why you feel threatened because I understand the subliminal messaging America has fed to you your whole life…and, America lied to you. America is changing all the rules up on you. Black presidents? Even tan ones? America isn’t supposed to allow things like that to happen. But it did.

I will leave you with this though…black people are not your enemy. Neither is Obama, nor even people (not all black either) looting or rioting. Most black people are peacefully protesting, UNTIL they are attacked by police for doing so…and then they resist, and yes some loot and riot; but most do not.

Are wild fires your enemy? What about hurricanes? What about recession/depression/economic collapse?

There are so many things happening right now. Why are you so focused on race? Do you think that could be a manipulation/distraction tactic? Just maybe? Blacks make up 13% of the American population…13%!

And yet…with everything going on right now, what far less than 13% of the population is doing (because most ARE NOT rioting and looting) has your attention.

In your mind, Black people are the problem, not a lethal virus, or all the natural disasters, not the economic collapse caused by politicians, nor AI replacing millions of human workers, nor violent, brutal, cops, but the 1% of the black folk protesting police brutality have your attention.

They are the enemy, the problem. But you are not racist. Not at all.

Working with the Light!

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