I disagree. I think love and empathy are what’s lacking, and not just in this case, but with regard to so much going on right now. There’s a lot of hate and fear running relay races on various groups of people, respect and fairness are meaningless concepts in that kind of environment. As Stevie Wonder once said, Love’s in Need of Love today. Don’t underestimate the power of love…and not in some sappy kind of way, but understanding it as the opposite of fear and hate. It really. Is the most powerful force we all have to work with. Non violence movements were very powerful- not because the people were passive, but because hate and fear cannot — it absolutely cannot win against pure love. It can’t compete. Not a chance. But it does win when hate and fear are returned to it, because hate and fear want to spread and multiply. All the hate and fear mongers, of any group, and every group has them, can only be stopped with love. And love can take a lot of different forms, it does not mean accepting abuse — as that’s how many people see nonviolence movements. But it does mean cultivating within ones self a divine connection which does not allow you to even think unkindly about another human being. Its pretty simple and incredibly difficult at the same time. The easy part is that it starts with you.


Working with the Light!

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