I do actually. As you may or may not know there has been a tremendous amount of legislation passed requiring that schools receiving federal funding implement certain kinds of training and prevention programs regarding these issues. I have been involved with developing this training.

I think that awareness around the issues is growing. As little as five years ago, I personally had zero interest in working with sexual assault and intimate violence, but so many of my students were complaining to me about their experiences with it, that I decided to get trained as a volunteer. That training blew my mind. I could not believe the magnitude of the problem and how little is being done about it. As a result I have totally refocused my own efforts toward developing training and compliance products that schools can utilize in their efforts to effectively manage what I truly believe is an epidemic in America and the world.

The pushback has to come from the people. All people. Boys and men are also subjected to a tremendous amount of sexual assault, as well as intimate violence, but complaints from them are raised far less often for a number of really complicated reasons. I personally know three males who were assaulted in their youth, with devastating consequences. These assaults are a threat to the wellbeing of humanity. My hope is for people to stop seeing this as a gender issue, and instead a human one.

Working with the Light!

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