I do! And it is…but it’s a long freaking story and I’m just in the set up stages, okay?

So why do you say you don’t think I know what it’s about? It’s about soooooooooooo many diffferent things. But primarily it’s a love story.

But apparently I’m losing you, as my most prolific fan and critic, I’d like to know why? But you’re right, as I write this, I’d say it’s about understanding myself, but more so understanding an experience I had. The experience of crack/cocaine destroying my entire neighborhood (which was a pretty damn good neighborhood) at the time that I happened to fall in love with someone who hindsight 20/20, may have been a drug dealer.

I don’t know for sure. May never know…now, wouldn’t something like that bother you? Wouldn’t you want some closure on that episode of your life?

If you really, deeply, truly want to know what this is about, I think it’s about spiritual tests in life. Whether you decide to go to the dark side or state in the light. I choose to stay in the light. It wasn’t an easy choice…so many temptations.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Im going to keep writing. I gotta see this one through, even though sometimes I don’t want to. I guess I’m AHAB and this is my Moby Dick.

Working with the Light!

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