I do. I live in the 21st century where we have the Internet, and ideas that have never been disputed are suddenly all up for challenge.

During this time in human history, everything is up for reexamination, because there is a tremendous amount of information at everyone’s fingertips. Everything about slavery, racism, everything about sexism and gender, everything about all these old hierarchical systems is being reexamined, and summarily discarded. You can hold on if you want to, however that reality is quickly dying.

25 years ago, your logic would have been unassailable. Today, it just comes off as dated, steeped in hypocrisy, steeped in an unwillingness to examine tremendous amounts of new information that is everywhere all over the Internet.

There is, for example, a new documentary called 13, which totally examines how the 13th amendment transitioned southern slavery into modern day slavery via the prison industrial complex. The information is available for any and all to see, in stereo and video.

Furthermore, you are plainly wrong about the text of the 13th amendment. It clearly states no man shall be enslaved unless he commits a crime, and so therefore all former slaves were accused of crimes and put right back into the slavery they had been “freed” from. Again, not really up for dispute.

Earlier last week, a black men with schizophrenia was brutally scalded to death (it took two hours) in a shower in Florida prison, by sadistic prison guards for kicks. There were no repercussions for these guards. You can call that whatever you like, you can bend over backwards to try and justify that, however you like, but the fact remains this kind of treatment of black men has been a feature of this country from the very start and continues to this day. People will never “pull themselves up from their bootstraps” if they are being brutally and systematically murdered. Also all the brutalities of slavery still exist today within the prison industrial complex, in fact, the brutality today is even worse.

And it’s not that I want to dwell upon the past or that which is negative. However, I do want to examine the truth, and the whole truth.

You don’t want African-Americans to speak the truth of their historical and current experiences, because this makes you uncomfortable some how, because you think this has something to do with you. If your family didn’t own any slaves, this honestly has very little to do with you. Stop concerning yourself with issues that have very little to do with you.

Because we are operating from two different points in time and history, my ideology is light years ahead of yours (and I am not even that young.) The millenials, for example, are exploring concepts (around race and gender) you couldn’t even begin to understand. I know, because they explore concepts (around race and gender) that I can barely understand, and I’m light years ahead of you.

I see that you are new to Medium, it is largely a place of bold new ideas and innovations, especially the technological ones. There is plenty of mind-blowing stuff to learn here about artificial intelligence, for example.

The ideas around concepts of race and gender are so cutting edge that, like I said, you largely wouldn’t be able to understand them.

You and Svetlana pounce on my ideas because they are in between your generation (which I am assuming is Boomer) and the millenials. (I’m Gen X.) You can argue with me around these concepts, because you can understand them. However, the millenials are using terms and expressing ideas that are so new, you can’t even argue with them, because you don’t speak their language.

I say all of that to say this, the younger generations ideas around race and gender are drastically different than mine or yours, and there’s really no point in trying to argue against any if it. The younger generation will live longer and they will win. Everything is changing drastically, and all of your thoughts about racism as well as all of my thoughts about the racism are largely irrelevant.



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