I do not address “alternative” facts, i.e. lies. So no hate for Trump, as I have stated repeatedly. If anything, pity. I pity anyone with that job, because I actually have an inkling as to what it entails. Trump has neither the temperament nor the skill set to make it work and it’s taking it’s toll.

Vegas actually has a running bet on how and when he’s going to fail. They’ve never done this for any other U.S. president. And you know what they say about Vegas…the house always wins. This is a sad, sad state of affairs when the bookies are banking on the President being impeached.

Before you go ranting about Vegas bookies being hateful liberal cucks or whatever, remember they are bookies. The same bookies who predicted he would win. They’re only politics are bets and money. They could care less who the president is, as long as they’re getting paid.

You would do well to understand that disagreement with you about the ability of President Trump to effectively govern, does not fill anyone with hate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And why should anyone else’s opinion on the matter bother you? If you really believe what you believe, why do you care what anyone else thinks? People who are confident in their beliefs do not care what anyone else thinks.

I did call Trump incompetent. Is that an attack? Or just the truth? It depends on your perspective. If you are a mindless, sycophant that has to applaud every thing the man does, then of course it’s an attack. Everyone who works for Trump would call this an attack. Do you work for Trump? Ah, that explains it.

If you’re a free thinker, who realizes what’s up in the world of politics, it’s just the truth. A lot of people have recognized this truth, so it’s a waste of your energy to push against it. No one is forcing you to agree with them, but you will never change the minds of millions of people. Give it a rest and consider, just for a moment that you might be wrong.

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