I don’t believe that, primarily because I know how entrenched the career democrats are in this paradigm as anyone else. They didn’t want this, politically this is not an easy issue for them to manage and they would have rather swept this under the rug, just like the Pubs. It was the press that brought this issue to lite, and many members of the press are democrat leaning, so maybe a media plan, but definitely not the Dems.

The Dems are pitiful. They accomplish very little, not even the resistance and obstruction they have been tasked with. No that is all the people, yes millions upon millions of American people are RESISTING the Pubs and Trump because much of what they are doing is destructive, anti-women, anti-family, anti-children and anti-life. People resist because they are human, not because of a particular political affiliation.

Many people in the press are definitely a part of that resistance.

Working with the Light!