I don’t blame anyone for anything…that’s just ridiculous. But I’m not going to deny the big picture either. Since the beginning of time their has been a system in place to pit one group of people against another…sleepy people keep looking at that same tiny picture, fighting the group that looks like it might be moving on its crumbs…never even noticing the big man walking away with the whole cake. Yes their is systematic racism, yes there is systematic racism, but bigger than those two is systematic classism — and one way to keep all kinds of people trapped in a very low class is keeping them super distracted with all this systematic bull — that they never pay attention to their own oppression. If you are on media, citing stats about any of this BS, you are oppressed, living in an in invisible prison for the mind. Why am I on Medium? Same reason I’m anywhere. I open those closed minds…when the closed minds will allow it.

Working with the Light!