I don’t consider you a racist, and I won’t until I come across something you said that’s particularly racist, but that’s not the point.

The point is, certain types of dialogue are futile, so I feel like why bother to subject yourself to it? Ezinne Ukoha is always complaining about whites who refuse to recognize racism and white privilege, and that is probably 7o to 90% of all white Americans (and they have their reasons). Trying to get these whites to recognize White privilege is truly a futile conversation. It will go nowhere. There are other productive conversations that could be had, but white privilege conversations, with a certain kind of white person, are totally futile — and in some cases they should be, because there are whites in America who have gotten a totally raw deal. I get it. It’s pointless to tell someone like that they are privileged. Then too there are assholes, who just want to debate the issue to be contrary. They never backdown either.

It’s a futile conversation where she convinces no one, and frustrates herself. So my advice to those on both sides of the issue would be, don’t get hung up on that. It is a hitting your head against a brick wall sort of endeavor. Neither side will ever, ever convince the other.

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