I don’t disagree. But, this is fiction based on true lived experiences, so I’d add that feminists concepts helped to protect me from this particular predatory person, upon whom the above character is based.

It’s not black and white…I think there are many shades of gray. You’re right, at the root of such protection from these kinds of predators, is a strong family structure. But this kind of predator can infiltrate the family structure, if clever enough. (It happened to me.) So what then? Feminist concepts actually served as a defense, if not for them, I might not have escaped this particular predator…who in defense of him, wasn’t trying to be particularly predatory. I just think he observed and learned from the environment he was in, and learned to do what he needed to survive. The sexism was pervasive in his world, so he adapted and learned how to leverage it. And then, he let all that go…Cause he loved the girl. That’s going to be my point, ultimately. Now I’ve given away the ending.

This was a person who viewed women as objects to be manipulated, but to be fair, he saw people as objects to be manipulated, and, he was good at it. But…my point it sexism allowed him to manipulate women more easily. He was much better at manipulating women than men…I believe sexism is the reason why this was so. Feminist concepts were the defense against him (at least they were my defense.) If not for feminist defenses, this guy might have run wild inside my mind and won, and that wouldn’t have been pretty for either one of us. It would have been a disaster.

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