I don’t have an opinion on flat earth v. Globe earth, primarily because it’s a fact that I can never objectively prove via my own experience and vision. I’d need a rocket-absent that, I don’t trust any damn body to report it out to me…to many lying, liars everywhere. How can anyone trust anything?

I don’t think flat-earthers suffer from the kind of psychological issues you’ve described. A lot of people do, but not them. They suffer from chasing a theory that can never be proved or disproved (without their own rockets). Ironically, though, it’s those who are insistent that the world is round, who suffer from more of those psychological issues. It’s far more psychologically threatening to entertain the idea that the world is not, in fact, as you have been told that it is, than to argue that it is something entirely different.

But…at the end of the day…it truly does not matter…this is a fact that doesn’t impact human life at all. Does it matter if an anthill is on a flat surface or a hill? Not to the ants!


Working with the Light!

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