I don’t have views on “white people in general” because there all different types in every race, and you never know what you’re dealing with, until you begin interacting.

I guess you think that I think all white people are angry? Nope. I don’t think that. Come on! Bernie Sanders is one cool dude. I would guess a lot of his supporters- mostly white- were as well. But the white people who support Trump seem to be angry, and excessively so.

I do want to know more, ( I’m genuinely curious) about Trump supporters. Most Trump supporters are not only predominantly white, but also predominantly male. I am curious about whether Trump supporters are really so angry. This is the way they are being portrayed by the media, but Trump keeps saying he and his supporters are not being portrayed accurately — and I am trying to figure out if this is actually true. So I’m actually giving Trump supporters, most of whom are white, the benefit of the doubt.

In the media, Trump rallies get described as watered down versions of Klan rallies. The descriptions of these rallies are pretty disturbing. And let’s be clear all white people are not Klan members, but some of them are — just like some black people are gangsters. Lets be real about people- good and bad in every race.

But none of this makes sense to me anyway. I don’t get why people go to these rallies — any of them. Getting in groups and chanting and screaming whatever rarely changes anything. People want change, but this is not an effective method of going about it.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!