I don’t know! But you’re sure narrating the game very well. (From that bizarre perspective that you simply will not release, so have at it.)

It was quite the spectacle for a while. Yes the greatest show on earth. But now, it’s getting tired. I think Trump is getting tired. Even the machine itself, a little exhausted at this point. I honestly don’t see a “win” coming anytime soon, for any one in that system. Impossible to say what Trump’s going to walk away with. But unlike you, I believe Trump was always in it for Trump — and so, he thinks he’s going to walk away with more. Impossible to tell at this stage, but I’m thinking probably. Good news: more than a participation trophy. Bad news: nothing for you.

Or maybe that’s actually good news. These politicians, all of them, have very little impact on our lives. I think that is the reality most of us are waking up to.

Working with the Light!

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