I don’t know about that Jack! There’s a lot of money on the line with certain industries with regard to weed legalization, the prison industrial complex, Big Pharma, NRA, the other illegal drugs, legalizing it is really about money and a lot of big industries losing out on a lot of it if it becomes fully legal. I’m in VA…which is right next to DC, and I’m from Ohio where the laws have always been much laxer on just about everything up to and including weed possession.

But the situation with legalization is an absolute clusterfuck here in the DMV (that stands for DC, MD and VA) as well as Ohio.

My brother, (a former street dealer of drugs of all kinds) told me that 1. He knows people who have 50k licenses to sell in Ohio and are not being permitted to do so, and they aren’t being given any answers as to why — and that 2. And I quote, “n*gas is dying literally everyday trying to sell it on the streets.”

He is trying to discourage me from getting into the industry, which I am trying to do as a LAWYER. Weed smokers and sellers these days need lawyers, because it’s legally in such a funky gray place, and like anything else, those without $$$$$ get targeted ridiculously STILL, especially if they’re not rich, white and male.

So far me, it’s a civil rights issue…and I’m a civil rights lawyer…the industry is calling me…and unlike most of my clients, these particular clients pay very well!!!!

Me doing what I love AND getting paid? OMG! But, because I know politics, very well I’ve lived in the DMV my whole adult life, I’m here to tell you I don’t think you can trust Dem promises of legalization. They can’t make those kind of promises without a whole lot of money behind them. The industry is already a billion dollar industry, just out of California and Colorado. But they’re bumping up against trillion dollar industries: Big Pharma, Big Prison, Big Med, Big Guns…right now the politicians are trying to figure out how to legalize it, while keeping all that money that the criminalization of it generates for these huge industries, so they are trying to say they are legalizing without ever actually legalizing. Instead they are “decriminalizing.” These mfers…

Any who! No I don’t write high! All the intellectual stuff is very hard for me high, which is why I can’t get high very often! I’m a lawyer! Always thinking, writing, scheming and plotting…I really do use it for pain management due to my cancer treatment, which left me with a great deal of chronic pain that becomes unbearable at times.

Who would deny me this? I should be able to go into any dispensary in the country and be like, “I want that, that and that!”

But noooooooooooooo…not in VA or Ohio, Jack! All kinds of hoops to be jumped through before you can even think about asking. These mfers…

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!