I don’t know, it seemed pretty accurate to me. Hundreds of thousands of people manipulated into grabbing for Pepsi’s carrot. They get themselves all worked up into a hopeful frenzy about it.

When the time comes to pay out those carrots, Pepsi is all like, “Oh my bad. There’s no carrot.”

And the people go ape. And yes that’s what people do when they have been manipulated and conned ridiculously.

I’m so cynical, I wouldn’t put it past Pepsi to have actually been running a psyop experiment for some nefarious shadow corporation. An experiment entitled, “How Easily Can We Manipulate and Fuck With Poor People?”

How much is it worth to learn how to press buttons on a massive number of people and get them to do exactly what you want for a promise of very little? I’m guessing a lot. Advertising has been studying this for year and pays big money for the answers. Pepsi probably low key made money off of their little Phillapine human experiment.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!