I don’t know what it is that I said, that inspired this long, strange rant. I guess it comes from me saying that all the American youngins need to get with the Bernie Sanders program? Being a Trumpster, I guess you’re super opposed to that?

I think all politics are bullshit you know.

I really do, and especially now…especially due to all the automated mind fuckery going on. But even with all of that, I still believe it would be more productive for young Americans to push for the development of socialist systems that really serve them, rather than rioting in the streets. But that’s just me.

As for me, I am ancient in this fast-paced time of ours. My time and my place has come and gone, so I largely don’t have any real deep vested interest in what’s next. I’m just hoping that Trump doesn’t burn this motherfucker down, cause I don’t feel like rebuilding shit, and I don’t have a whole lot of Boy Scout skills anyway.

I do worry about these kids though, all of them. They deserve to have some kind of future. They don’t deserve to be discarded-and especially not entire generations of them. But, I don’t know. That’s America. It eats its young. I guess every nation does, probably.

Automation creating more jobs, (heard all that before) but in order to do those jobs, one will need to be highly skilled, which is why, you and I aren’t saying anything all that different. In order to write (well), one needs to read. And writing is critical because it is evidence of thinking. Now, there are other ways to learn how to think, besides writing, but it’s how I was taught to think, (at my super fancy prep school, all those years ago) so I’m a fan.

When you are dealing with volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous circumstances, you need to know how to think. It is absolutely the most powerful tool at ones’s disposal, if they don’t happen to have a lot of capital (and most ordinary people do not.)

Telling people they need to think for themselves is not blasephemy, it’s life. Intellectual curiosity leads to out of the box thinking and that is what is needed to survive the future, no matter who you are or what you think you might be doing. I truly don’t understand what we are debating here.

Architects are highly skilled, and they don’t get to design structures, without having done a whole hell of a lot of reading and writing.

But that technology (reading and writing) may change, and quickly. I recognize that I am a dinosaur.

I started my career as a lawyer, believe me when I say, that that particular skill set has already been automated in many instances. AI is determining criminal sentences that judges (judges!!!!) simply sign off on.

The Information Age and technology has drastically changed the entire world, over the last 20 years.

Entire industries are gone. You don’t need to consider what might happen, you can just look at what already has, in order to know that the American economy is going through a drastic transition. And yes, there are new types of jobs, but people aren’t trained for them, and in fact there may not even be training systems in place to train them. And the old, blue collar jobs? They’re few and far between. The demand for them far exceeds the labor supply. And the same is true, even for professionals, doctors, lawyers, teachers- all that is getting automated. I have seen it in each.

So in this period of extreme transition, it makes sense to me, that the youngins explore creative options and yeah they seem to like this UBI concept. I think it’s got a lot of problems with regard to practical implication, especially in America. But, I will leave it to them to sort out.

Working with the Light!

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