I don’t know why you think that. It is generally common knowledge that J. Edger Hoover’s FBI infiltrated any and all civil rights groups, dedicated to racial equality in America. That’s not even up for debate any more. It is out there and on record, all of the things that were done to sabotage MLK, Malcolm X, the Black Panthers -who were not the terrorist group they were depicted as. They feed preschoolers. They weren’t perfect, but they weren’t going around shooting and killing people either. They were actively resisting that being done to them, by being armed and that is totally constitutional. The FBI didn’t like that though, not coming from the black American community anyway.

My point is, there has been tremendous American government resistance to black Americans being empowered in anyway since day 1. Since the Bill of Rights and the constitution.

There has been tremendous support as well. Our country has been fighting this same civil war since its inception, and it continues to this day. The war on drugs is definitely a part of it, and the war on drugs definitely was A CIA sponsored war on American black communities.

You don’t have to look hard to find evidence of this. Cocaine brought billions of dollars in revenue to the US. The CIA made it happen, by empowering anti-communist groups in South America, allowing them to control the drug trade and then directing those drugs exactly where they wanted them to go. All that drug money? Well it was used to fund anti-communist efforts in South America (guns and bombs don’t grow on trees) and to also effectively destroy American black communities lest they consider doing anymore civil rights organizing or resisting racial oppression. It was a two birds one stone kinda operation.

It makes perfect sense; at this point I don’t think it is a secret. The CIA had pretty much owned these tactics and is very self-congratulating, with regard to its effectiveness.


Working with the Light!

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