I don’t need to stop it. It can’t be stopped. It is everywhere directed at everyone and yeah, people who are deeply passionate about a dem or a pub are deep inside the matrix so, it is what it is. All that you have to say about recent events shows how deeply programmed you are. You gotta love X and hate Y and always deliver these same old tired party lines, and issue these same old tired attacks…and it’s all just so tired, and silly and simple and stupid- the pub v. Dem or Israel v. Palestine, or Christian v. Muslim, or man v. Woman. It’s the same idiotic binary programming and propaganda running over and over again- and yeah because those programs are getting really old and tired and breaking down — programmers are desperate.

Now there is this deep and pervasive mind altering, mind-bending programming that quite a few people are really deep into.

But that is not me.

What is going on with the environment and the globe is not “programming.” It is what is physically happening to a planet that is too hot and too polluted. It is simple. Ignoring this won’t change anything, and I find this particular phenomenon fascinating. Like watching a sort of mass hallucination occur.

Working with the Light!

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