I don’t really know what you are referencing when you say this, but here is what I am referring to when I say progressive social policies: community, state and federally funded schools, libraries, roads, post offices, hospitals, recreation centers, police departments, social programs which invest in children which is an investment in the future.

Now, primarily due to Corporate political interests, backed by both parties but more so Republicans, the public school system has all but been destroyed. Walmart and Amway are corporations which set out to purposely destroy the free public education system in America. Why? They wanted everyone to pay more for less quality. They wanted to privatize it, make money off of it while keeping the kids stupid so they could continue to exploit them relentlessly.

How do most kids learn about the US constitution? Well, when I was growing up in America it was required learning. You learned about it in social studies and American history. Do today’s kids learn about any of that in public school? Hell no. They have no clue as to what is in that constitution. Who benefits from keeping those kids stupid? People who want to do whatever they want to do with those kids, use them as slave labor, turn them into drug addicts, send them into the sex trafficking industry…and you think this was caused by progressive social engineering?!?!?!? If progressive social engineering is greedy corporations using people and governments as pawns to get exactly what they want, then yes. You and I agree. Progressive social engineering has ruined a great deal. But we call it different things. I just call that corporate corruption.

But progressive social engineering? I don’t even know what you mean when you use that term. Social engineering is an attempt to manipulate people’s thoughts and actions, to a certain extent, everyone does it, everyone, and especially now since the internet makes it easy.

All politicians seek to manipulate people one way or another, and the only thing progressive about either of our American political parties is that they have both become PROGRESSIVELY WORSE, since I’ve been alive. Progressively greedy, progressively corrupt, progressively destructive. So that is the only progression I have seen here in America.

Republicans are millionaire, kiss ass flunky, henchmen who do whatever their billlionaire bosses require. Democrats are the same, except they throw back crumbs and aren’t as ruthless or destructive. Anyone with a working brain would pick a democrat — except as I said before, they have only gotten worse over time. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both choices for corruption. The American people were pissed off about these choices. No one cared all that much for either candidate, fewer people participated in this election than in recent years, because many saw participation as pointless.

There are plenty of Americans who are clamoring for “progressive”policies, and yet I’m still not sure what that means. Bernie Sanders was considered a progressive with a progressive platform, but he is a freak of nature over here. There are very few like him. There is no progressive party over here. Never has been. So what in the world are you even talking about, when you make these claims about progressive social engineering? Just what are you talking about? You need to better explain this propaganda.

Progressive ideas come from the people and Institutions that use them to get things done.

Diversity? That idea first popped off in the corporations. Multinational corporations love multiculturalism and diversity cause they learned that pursuing a variety of Human Resources from all over the world makes them tons more money TONS, than sticking to one country and its particular craziness. So guess what? Multiculturalism and diversity are probably here to stay…it is probably the future. You want to pick a fight about it? Don’t bother with me, take it to Google. Tell that multinational corporation with pictures of the entire world that multiculturalism is a joke. Go head. I dare you.

You do know that Google is powerful enough to rival the CIA and the KGB together. Think about that. Google told China to chill. And yeah, I’m pretty sure Google considers itself to be “progressive” with regard to its agenda and business model. Who knows what Google is really up to.

As for me personally I don’t get caught up in labels, as that is a clear way to get drawn into some real idiotic propaganda wars. Propagandist seek constantly to label a thing, so they can call it bad and attack it, relentlessly.

As for your particular style, you come across as educated and informed and you also claim to be a woman, based on your picture and your name, but who knows if you are who you say you are. This is the internet, so nothing is certain. Then you soft pedal a lot of racism and sexism, which makes it more appealing to many more moderates. “I’m not racist! I’m just really proud to be white and I really love my white cultural heritage.” Which would be awesome. Everyone should love their heritage and recognize exactly what makes it exceptional. Every culture has something- except according to you, not Islam. Nothing innovative in the last 800 years, is what you said, I believe. And, according to you, that is not an attack, just the truth. Hmmmmm.

“I’m not racist. I just love my own people.” Except what a white supremacists really means by that is that he hates all people of color, as well as a lot of other white people who happen to disagree with him and wants them all to die, but that is a message he will get around to later, much later, after all the people have been rounded up, put into camps, terrorized etc., etc., actually maybe he will never get around to speaking that truth, but will just start killing people off quietly, like what went down in The holocaust. You blamed this too, I believe on progressive policies, to which I say, huh? What?

I find the games you play with language utterly fascinating. It is like my own personal lesson in fascist propaganda — and the thought has occurred to me that you may not be a woman, or even a single person, but some sort of collective dedicated to spreading fascist propaganda.

Whoever or whatever you are, you’re really good at this! So very skilled at saying hateful divisive things, in subtle reasonable ways…until you get called on it.

Then you go into attack mode, throwing out slurs and accusations all the while accusing me of doing those things. That is supposed to put me on the defensive. Fascinating! This stuff really works doesn’t it?

Well the personal attacks and the sophistication of your propaganda, has convinced me that you are a person and not a bot. There are actually bots, all over the web. They see a word like “feminist” and they attack. But the attacks are pretty lame and robotic. Plenty of quantity but no quality. I study propaganda on the internet. I find it all so fascinating- and let me tell you, I’ve never come across a propagandists as sophisticated or as intelligent as you, and so I wonder if you are a real person who actually can think critically, but yet and still chooses to think critically about propaganda and distill it into your own cohesive ideology that you are teaching to others! Really? Is this what you do? Is this sort of thing popular in Ireland?

What I wonder though, is if you are really a woman? There is this new trend with certain kinds of hateful propaganda, to get a woman to spread it, softly, so it will appear less hateful. It is a really clever way to sell ideas that are extreme and unpopular. Anyone can open an account and claim to Svetlana, but he might actually be Mikhail, selling that soft racism and sexism to the masses.

Of course there is no shortage of women willing to do this, cause there is big money it it right? Who wouldn’t wanna be the next Tomi Lahren? Making millions peddling a bunch of racist, sexist propaganda all the while having legions of angry white men drooling over you — but wait — she also has this, she looks about fifteen and is quite the eye-candy. Once that fades, her hustle is going to be much harder; and if you don’t have the whole eye-candy thing going for you, it is really hard to build that legion of angry white male followers.

So maybe you are simply an opportunist, looking to get paid by peddling ideology that there is clearly a market for. Whatever you are up to, I find it fascinating. Because here is what I really wonder, do you really believe this stuff you post? Really?

Conservative, non-progressive authoritarian politicians are great because we need societies that are closed off, from anyone who is slightly different than whoever is in the majority. In Ireland, I guess that would be the Irish, so don’t you need to go back to where you came from, some where in Eastern Europe? According to you, it’s just amazing there now! So what are you doing in Ireland?

We need conservative, authoritarian dictators running our countries to keep people terrified at all times, because that’s the way to ensure law and order. Sure people will constantly be harassed, persecuted and even killed for saying the wrong things, looking the wrong way, being the wrong color or gender, but hey! That is the price you pay. Is that what you believe?

And oh… what do these magical conservative nonprogressive economies look like? Are they able to buck the trend of globalization, turn the clock back 100 or so years and bring back National industries? Can Trump make Ford great again? Can he wave a magic wand and bring all those American factories back despite the fact that Asian factories tend to be far more efficient, producing better and cheaper products?

Do these conservative economic policies uphold or eliminate crony capitalism? You know how Walmart became a retail monopoly and destroyed all the small retail businesses and especially in small towns where, incidentally, huge numbers of vulnerable white Americans live.

Do these amazing conservative economies allow for the privitazation of everything? The roads? The public utilities (which work great, just the way they are, being publicly owned — until they are not.) These private companies always cause the price of water, electricity and heat to sky rocket. But that’s great! Because people like being cold and dirty and in the dark, being unable to afford these newly privatized utilities. Is this really what you believe?????

And what should a place like America do about it’s multiculturalism that you find so problematic? Kill off everyone except the white Americans who got their first? Well which white Americans? There are several different kinds. There are the WASPs, who really prefer to keep to themselves but if they must share space, to my experience (from prep school) they tolerate Jews, far more so, than the Irish or Italians, though they are okay with Germans, Scandinavians or Netherlandians, but they seem to care very little for the Polish or other Eastern Europeans. Don’t ask me why. I could never figure out why one group of Europeans had such a deep and extreme animosity toward the others, but I observed it. It bothered me because it seemed unfair and mean spirited, on the part of the WASPS. Of course Eastern Europeans are different than the WASPs…they look different…they act different, and these differences the WASPs do not like. And then of course there are the mixtures, lots of white Americans are all mixed up and are just white. They tend to be poorer, very hardworking though. The farmers who feed America and have been perpetually screwed over by corporate interests who forced a certain type of farming on them, which they hated, made farming far more difficult and expensive for them, and the food far less tasty for us. What about them? They’re not WASPs…they have a totally different sort of culture. Should they be pushed out of America too? Oh my God? Well how will we all eat, then?

Well The WASPs, seem to believe that they got to America first, and are the rightful owners.

So…according to your non progressive policies, whereby multiculturalism is a farce, how do you even rectify these divisions among European Americans? Should the WASPs push everyone else out of America, now? In order to preserve their own culture, which is quite different than all the other European cultures? (Believe you me, WASPs make it known! That they are different-ahem better- than all the rest.)

But, In America, even the WASPS acknowledge, that we have all got to make An attempt to live here and get along with each other. The whole American experiment was based on the idea that cultures from all over the world can come here and live in peace under a set of American principles..and it was working all right until those American principles came under attack; and you are absolutely correct when you say our rights are under attack, our democracy is under attack — but this has nothing to do with progressive policies, which to my mind are probably the very policies that made this country great.

The attack has everything to do with chrony capitalism and greed. A need by American corporations which became multinational corporations, to sell more quantity and less quality at ever higher prices, while paying less and less for labor. But this isn’t simply an American problem. It is a global problem; and I don’t believe any political group pandering any kind of propaganda can easily solve it. All I know is what won’t solve it. What won’t solve it, is the the sort of propaganda that you proliferate quite well. It is divisive and distracting.

Our world is in severe economic, environmental and political crisis. Turning people against one another will not help and will only make things much worse than they have to be as the human race figures out how to transition to a new age. Innovative and progressive thoughts are the only way forward, we can’t go back. The past literally no longer exists.

Multiculturalism isn’t a failed idea it is a biological fact of nature. As the world has become increasingly smaller, people are mixing up, and especially here in America, but also all over the world. America is largely brown, these days. Notice I did not say black, but brown. This is simply genetics. Most people in the world are brown, and since America is a dumping ground for everyone in the world, it stands to reason that America will be largely brown. Some white people feel like they are losing, their culture, their race and it is true. But everyone is losing in that same way. Middle Easterners losing, tons of Asians losing, Africans losing. All immigrants lose something coming here, if they decide to stay.

Most young people who immigrate to America, Americanize pretty quickly- which is to say they quickly become just American. They embrace American ideals which are downright intoxicating to those who come from more oppressive cultures and societies. You can bash feminism until the sun sets in the east, at the end of the day most women in America love their freedom to vote, freedom to earn money, freedom to own property, and freedom over their bodies. You will not change that by spouting a lot of anti-feminist propaganda. You will not get them to not love and want these things.

Well, I could go on and on with a variety of propaganda busting ideas, but you get the point, I’m sure. I don’t do labels or any particular political ideology. I think and question constantly. I am every propagandists nightmare! This is why these oppressive propaganda laden authoritarian regimes always go for the intellectuals first. They kill us off with the quickness. No greater threat to tyranny than free thought.

But what is your excuse? Why do you, as intelligent as you clearly are, choose to side with fear-based propaganda-driven political ideologies? Are you being paid to do it? Do you really believe it, because you are afraid? Maybe a combination? Clearly the memo is out and most who are thoughtful and intelligent get it in one way or another. The divide and conquer agenda is super transparent, how can you not see it? Or, do you see it, know all about it, but are a part of an effort dissuade others from seeing it? (That sounds really paranoid, I’ll give you that. But these days, who knows!?)

When people, especially intelligent people, refuse to acknowledge what is really happening right now on the planet, (all the political corruption in every country, the ceaseless attempts to pit one type of citizen against another, the Violence, the greed, the evil, the exploitation ) I seriously wonder why.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!