I don’t see you so much as a debater, as one who knows a lot of shit, and calls others on their bullshit, cause ya can! That’s what I like about you!

Now me…yes I like to debate just for the hell of it…it’s a pastime for me, some people knit, some people do crosswords, some people play or watch sports, but I debate. Sometimes I don’t even feel that strongly about it, like with the whole feminism thing. True story, I was never all that clear on the vast orthodoxy behind it. (It’s related to Marxism? WTF?) But I do know this much, women need rights! That I know for sure. Just like people need rights, so these sorts of things I can and will debate for forever…so I’m the one who can’t shut my “pie hole.”

You know that word just sounds ugly! I never liked it. That’s one of those British words where it’s just like “why? Why y’all make that word up?” It’s funny because it sounds so dirty the way people say it, but it’s really a pretty innocuous word. Pies do have holes in the center of them, what’s so wrong with that? Nothing really.

But…I once dated a guy from London and he didn’t talk like that. Like the people who say “pie hole” seem to be pulling from a dialect, culture and class that is rough around the edges, from the streets! Are you from the streets John? I honestly don’t imagine Scotland having any streets, at least not like the ones, I’ve known. But maybe it does. Anyway, I digress.

But ya know, I can tell by the way you chime in on feminism and racism in America, you’re a pretty decent guy, you recognize the humanity in everyone…and sadly, these days that’s no small thing.

Also, I think, (and this is why you’re not more popular as a writer) you are willing to dive deep into the dark parts of the human psyche and say, “hey what about this?”

No one wants to do that shit John! No one wants to ask those questions and no one wants any answers.

I realized pretty early in life, no one wants to really talk about or know the truth…but I do. And so do you. And so, that’s another thing I like about you.

I think these are pretty decent, even exceptional things. You look good on paper…or these days, “0n screen.” Lol.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!