I don’t think AI is trying to normalize Donald Trump (DT) — in fact I’d say quite the opposite. Satire is meant to force people to reckon with the absurdity and ridiculousness of certain positions and assertions — and when the individual bringing forth absurdity and ridiculousness by the ton is the United States President, I think we all clearly realize that the situation is no longer amusing, but in fact treacherously dangerous.

Satirist still need to do their job. They still need to point out the utter foolishness that is being perpetrated on a global and international scene- and no, it is not funny. But it is what is happening and a spoonful of laughter is the ONLY way to get some people to accept and begin to reckon with the situation.

I know it’s the only way I care to deal with it. Why? Because almost everything DT does it ridiculous and absurd to the tenth power times 1000. He doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

I think people look like complete idiots when they attempt to treat anything he says or does seriously. They look like complete fools. And that is the problem with him. Anyway who treads near him ends up looking like the biggest idiot embecile on the planet for attempting to make sense of anything he says or does — he is beyond toxic to anyone who wants to be taken seriously on the international scene.

Now America is a different story. Apparently, here we have millions of pure idiots, who will not only take DT seriously, but all of his sycophants seriously as well, and the idiotic justifications they provide for DT’s embecillic and idiotic behavior, despite the fact that the man had the mind of a three year old.

There is something deeply wrong with these people: mainly fear. A fear of change.

But for those of us who are at least as intelligent as everyone else in the world, we appreciate the satire. Satirist are really the ONLY appropriate messengers for Donald Trump. All those others attempting to give him a level of legitimacy he clearly never earned and does not deserve, are terrified of reckoning with other options, primarily realizing that America is no longer a white power/ white male privilege only paradigm, among other things.

Clearly most of the always and ever Trump people are terrified white people, and especially the men.

Now I’d like to point out that plenty of white people do not fall into this category, and also that minorities don’t also love Trump. Many of them actually do. But these people are all of the he same type. They are all terrified of changes occurring to the white power/ white male privilege only paradigm. They all feel like they got a stake in it: and thus goes for plenty of white women who want that structure to remain in place, as well as quite a few minority men.

They like the old paradigm, because they know it. It’s familiar to them, and they feel like they can find their place in it.

But many people in America: all races and genders and ethnicities are SICK TO DEATH of that paradigm — and want to see it change, especially since DT is taking the paradigm to the absolute ultimate in ABSURDITY!


It has to be said, sadly, because these are the new norms that DT and the Republican Party he has infiltrated and rebuilt are trying to establish- they are trying to normalize pussy grabbing, sexual assault and rape.

We leave it to AI and his ilk to call out the absurdity of this, AND OFTEN to PREVENT normalization of this complete insanity that these idiot, ape brain, id politicians and their followers are trying to establish as new norms.

Working with the Light!