I don’t think he does…he’s always been pretty Al Goreish (remember that dude? Maybe you’re too young) about the whole thing.

Al Gore really didn’t want to be president…and so even though he won he popular vote (and this was just insane at the time) he was like, you know what Dubya? You can have it. Go be the president…I wanna run around talking about inconvenient truths instead.

And he did that…for many years…I feel like that’s what Joe is up to. Running for fame that will allow him to talk about whatever he wants.

But maybe the rabbit hole goes deeper than that. Maybe all Democrats ever were was controlled opposition. The “appearance” of a choice. It looks like they’ve been told (by whomever) to stand down…sure oppose Trump…but not too much, and certainly not in ways that are effective. Trump is the pick.,

So…The Dems dont update the website. Don’t try to hard. Don’t give the true left anything to believe in…they have ideas…they are mobilizing…(you see how gaga they are over Bernie) they are out of control and must be dealt with accordingly.

That’s what we’ve been seeing more than any substantive thing from the democrats. The crushing of progressive dissent, while winking at Trump the whole time.

Working with the Light!

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