I don’t think it’s that, (conspiracy theories are sexy?) so much as there has been such a tragic and horrorific breakdown in our information conveying systems. No one really trust them anymore. Everyone has a version of some slick sophisticated propaganda. Those with billions definitely can engage the propaganda machine indefinitely. This causes a deep seated distrust with regard to anything any billionaire is saying.

I have heard the Bill Gates “conspiracy theories” on micro-chipping, and while I have not deeply researched any of it, from what I have read and what I know about the Gates Foundation, it’s not a ridiculously far-fetched theory. Not as far-fetched as say Trump arresting everyone from Hillary Clinton to the Queen of England for child sex trafficking.

To be sure some conspiracy theories are wild, but most are grounded in a deep distrust of those in power, and actions that they actually have taken, which show them to be disingenuous at best and blatant, outrageous liars at worst.

Once that trust is lost it is really HARD to gain it back. And while I don’t believe every Gates conspiracy theorists I come across, I never out right dismiss them either. And there’s a cadre of them who seem to have entirely valid complaints about the International work of the Gates foundation. It seems to follow the Big Med business model of experimenting on poor people, under the guise of offering assistance. That has been the Big Med business model for quite some time; and the profits over people model drives that industry to the point of absurdity. Most people are well aware of this; and Gates doesn’t seem to be offering anything different.

The industry Gates wants to play in says a lot about true intentions to me. The trillion dollar cancer industry is so corrupt; it literally profits off of the suffering and torture of people and oppresses organic and holistic methods of healing. This is because of multi- millionaires like the Rockafellers and their foundations and their excessive tampering with the American Medical Association, whereby cheap, effective cancer cures have been suppressed, so painful, expensive and less effective treatments could become the norm.

So yeah, people look at a billionaire like Gates and wonder what he’s up to with the Big Med business model. Given Big Med’s track record, sadly most people fear nothing good is coming their way from a billionaire in this industry.

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