I don’t think so. I’m merely pointing out the reality of the situation- any underclass that has experienced what the American black underclass has experienced is going to respond in the same way — so no, for me it’s not about race, it’s about what happens to any group of people who are treated inhumanly for long periods of time. Other countries have far larger problems with this phenomena- child soldiers in different parts of Africa and South America, for example. Extreme poverty compounded by government corruption yields a certain type of brutality and inhumanity.

But…thinking more about this story something seems fishy. These young adults would have to have an IQ of 90 to not realize that torturing a young vulnerable white man on social media wouldn’t lead to certain death for all of them. How did they even get a hold of this white man? Did some nefarious forces put them up to this — in order to set off this new narrative? So many crazy games and stunts are being played on social media, this might be yet another.

The black underclass has never, in my experience, been bold enough to take on white America, so directly despite all the torture and abuse they’ve experienced. So the narrative seems a little too convenient for a particular agenda being pushed by the alt-right. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was some kind of set up.

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