I don’t think that’s true. I think everyone is clear that culture wars have been going on for the last fifty years, and even longer. The Civil war was a sort of culture war…this is very old.

I think the point above is, as the war goes on, anger is ratcheting up on both sides. This writer speaks to the anger those on the left feel, which matches those on the right, and may even surpass it, if Trump keeps doing him.

I think he’s saying those on the right can’t continue to be surprised by the anger. It’s a real thing. It is often quite valid, just like on the right the anger is quite valid, though usually purposefully and cleverly misdirected via Fox, Breitbart etc. These aren’t news outlets. These are demon feeders. Their sole purpose is to feed a bunch of negative emotions to people’s most base, unrefined and unevolved instincts.

The elite know. They laugh at the phenomenon, and the stupidity, and classlessness of those who fall for it. I read a great article about it, in Vanity Fair.

Those poor silly sad saps! Like Jon Snow they know nothing! Well at least they have their heroine.

The whole Marie Antoinette let them eat cake tone of the piece was disturbing.

Working with the Light!

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