I don’t think that’s what they are trying to do; but even if they did, I don’t think this is true. Change is upon us, in thousands of different ways. Millenials are doing their part to push that change in a certain direction.

I think the Millenials are well aware of the futility of violence. They definitely want change though. I don’t see them backing down from their demands for change. I also don’t see them going along with the old programming either.

When I say they are revolting what I mean is they are rejecting 20th century programs and paradigms….and already they are doing it, by just refusing to comply. This is happening globally. Will this lead to blood on the streets? Maybe. But maybe things will just transition and change more naturally. That has already happened in countless ways.

Millenials are, for example, refusing to eat meat, or to work in meat packaging facilities. They are refusing to comply with heterogender norms, (that one really upsets the old schoolers.) They are refusing to work 9 to 5s. They don’t seem to be that interested in the nuclear family model, either. Not getting married…Not even having sex! They are rejecting programs and paradigms that have been in play for eons.

The police can’t force them to accept this stuff. The Millenials simply don’t believe in a lot of this stuff…that’s what’s revolutionary…their lack of belief in these systems. A lot of Millenials just don’t believe in White Supremacy, or male supremacy (otherwise known as patriarchy) — and even if they did, it wouldn’t matter anyway, as the world has changed so drastically it cannot support these paradigms as it once did.

And…this is a cumulative change….I think this change has been building for the last 100 years, and has really accelerated astronomically in the last 20. There were all kinds of predictions (as far back as the 70s!) about all of this exponential technological growth and change that would occur leading up to 2012. That happened.

This is an ENTIRELY different world than the one we had in 2000. For example, there was no Facebook in 2000. Now Facebook has the ability to control the fate of elections in countries; and there is no putting that genie back into the bottle.

The world that the Millenials have inherited is a totally different world, than the world the Boomers inherited or the Gen X ers inherited. But we all played a part in getting to this time and place.

The Boomers were the first to reject the old norms, then they doubled down on accepting them, and were completely screwed over by them for the most part. Gen X witnessed this; and was really critical and cynical about these systems. Millenials flat out reject the old systems. They are not deceived by them at all. They don’t believe, for example that police “protect and serve” all people. Millenials are willing to bring the truth of that too light…and they don’t seem to be backing down. Meanwhile, the people who DO believe in these systems are old and dying.

The revolt is one of consciousness. All these cusp generations (Boomers, Gen X and Millenials) have played a part in rejecting the old systems and transitioning human consciousness.

The Millenials are refusing to believe in old systems. The consciousness that built those systems is an old and dying consciousness. Where will that lead? What sort of new consciousness are they constructing? I have no idea honestly, but it’s fair to say that their 21st century world will be quite different from our 20th century one. It has to be.

We are living through a revolution right now, (hell we are probably living through 100o of them.) It’s just not the kind of revolution you’re thinking of. It’s not blood on the streets. It’s battles for the mind over the Internet. And the Millenials have already won a lot of those battles.

AOC is a household name, meanwhile her nemesis Nancy Pelosi, despises the disruption she represents. But honestly, how much longer can Nancy and her ilk (all of the old and dying Congress) battle AOC?

Yesterday, my waiter at a restaurant was a very tall, thin, black effeminate man, with cool earrings.

For the Millenials, this is just the norm.

Back in my day? No way! Certainly this norm disrupts the patriarchy, and the more this becomes the norm, many will not even remember what the patriarchy even was.

Millenials have changed language. My husband was watching an NBA game and “Black Lives Matter” was boldly painted across the court. That is revolutionary; and it was brought about by Millenials.

Now while, I’m certain this causes a fair number of Boomers to have light weight seizures and conniption fits, it’s not really the Boomers time. The Boomers are checking out, right about now…it starts off as a trickle…and then it’s like the floodgates open. (I saw this with the World War 2 Generation.) Soon Boomers will be exiting enmasse…they will be taking their belief in old systems with them; and the Millenials will be on their own to craft a brave new world.

What’s next? Who knows. Will it be better? Worse? Impossible to say. But people who attempt to predict such things have predicted that the Millenials do a great deal to make the world a better place. Maybe I will see it, maybe I won’t, but I’m routing for these Millenials.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!