I don’t touch MSM. Do you know why? You can’t read it! It’s all sound bites! That is clearly a brainwashing, dumbing down technique.

My comments do not parrot the DNC! I have no idea what is even going on with the DNC besides a bunch of infighting.

Why do you do this? You just ignore everything I say, and just make up whatever you want!

I read tons of news sources, because I like to read. I read stuff you have never heard of. I don’t mimic any mainstream news sources. It’s all stupid dumbed down stuff. They all treat their audience like toddlers. I'm not that stupid.

I take in all perspectives and make up my own. You can’t just call someone partisan or liberal because they don’t agree with you.

Why are you so afraid to look and think outside of the perimeters that have been set? Actually, you’re not, or you wouldn’t waste time with me. Get out the box. Look around. You might learn a few things.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!