I don’t. What is left or right? Let me guess, caring for people is “left.” No it’s called being a decent human being.

I read everything. I have read extensively for example, about Oscar Romero, a catholic archbishop in El Salvador who stood on his faith in standing up for El Salvadorian peasants, who we being slaughtered simply because they were poor and in the way. He was assassinated for doing that in the early 80s.

What does this have to do with the US? A lot. Our foreign policy was behind his assassination. Our foreign policy was behind that slaughter. Our foreign policy was behind their civil war. Our foreign policy created MS-13 a ruthless crime/gang ring that has killed many innocent victims on our soil and in my own backyard.

You don’t get any of these stories in the mainstream media, though. You have to connect the dots yourself. Romero begged Jimmy Carter ( yes a Dem, that humble good ol. Boy Jimmy Carter! To stop sending weapons to El Salvador, because of all of the nuns, priests and peasants being slaughtered.)

It did not stop. In fact the aid to the El Salvadorians increased under Reagan. The US creates terrorist. And then when they come here, terrorizing us, we have the nerve to be shocked. Because we are clueless as to the history and clueless about how so many people in other countries hate us, for what we have done to theirs.

I guess all that’s “liberal” or…it just might be true. It just might be what happened.

As a result of our interference and destabilization of so many South American countries and Mexico, we’ve got extremely complicated immigration problems, that only get worse, the more we try to solve them.

I live in an area where a lot of immigrants live. I know how complicated the problem is and how ICE throws gasoline on the fire, thinking it’s doing something. Oh it is. It’s making Ms-13, that much more powerful and ruthless, and they never catch those guys. Only their victims, who will now never some forward to assist law enforcement with prosecuting Ms-13 crimes.

I guess it is simple to say, hey this is all just liberal talk. And not deal with any of it. Meanwhile the actual problems: crime, drugs, illegal immigration, drug, gun and sex trafficking, just get worse.

Heroine is grown in the Middle East. Aren’t you even curious as to how it gets over here? Or is that a “liberal” question.

I dive deep and I find the information never reported through typical channels. What I know about what is underneath our political system, all the complexities that a Fox or MSM would never ever touch, constructs a real picture of what is really going on. Knowing the truth about what happens in the world is not being liberal. It’s just knowing the truth!

The same goes for Trump. Just because the media harps on all of his weaknesses incessantly doesn’t mean they don’t really exist. They do. The man is a conartist! I knew that before his political career. How anyone could put him on a pedestal with his dreadful track record in business is beyond me. Guess what? The mafia used to make tons of money too, but no one ever thought it was a good idea for Al Capone to become president. WTF.

Trump has always been a mobster lite. The media shows what is there, and often elaborates, but still many of the flaws, certainly the shady antics are real. The fact that Trump is a globalist is real.

Ah what’s the point? You will only see what you want to see. You want to see a savior. I’m so sorry. He just isn’t that. He is a greedy man, trying to get more at your and my expense. That is real. Not left, not right, just real.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!