I found this both intriguing and depressing. Intriguing because that picture and the “f@ck yall” following it, depressing because it states so many basic things that should not have to be explained, and yet here you are doing it.

The clothing thing…apparently it’s just going to be a thing, forever and always. I am so sick of hearing about what any given woman did or did not wear, but this banter echoes and resounds through the ages. It’s never going to stop. And it’s largely a stupid conversation for anyone to be engaged in.

Women not existing to satisfy the whims and desires of men, (sigh). This is one of those basic things that should be universally understood. It’s not. Too many people (both male and female) on some level, believe that women only exist only to satisfy the male ego. But, it is nice to hear someone making the argument that this is not the case. I’d argue that it’s in one ear and out of the other for about 70% of the population.

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