I grew up Christian, so that’s my base. But I left the Christian church long ago. Too much corruption and hypocrisy. I never threw out the baby with the Bath water, so sure, I still read the Bible. I am almost certain though, that I don’t interpret it the same way that you do.

But that is the beauty of it, there are several layers of truth there, so you’re right. I am sure in reading Revelations, I will definitely gain some sort of insight, into what is happening now.

Many think this is the end. In a way they are right. A lot of things are ending and that has everyone searching. Everyone I know at least. My spiritual path now takes me away from organized religion, much like all of our systems, all of them have become deeply corrupted, so I know exactly what I am searching for, an exit!

I am not doing it anymore. I am not participating in any of these extremely corrupt systems. But yet I am, even being on Medium I am. So the exit keeps alluding me.

Well thanks for the advice.

Working with the Light!

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