I have no idea why anything that I wrote caused you to go on this particular rant…which seems more about you justifying the white male conservative perspective, than anything else…and you claim to be black and female…I guess.

This response is too bizarre…

But with regard to your particular accusations hurled at me…I do not condemn, nor do I harbor disdain for anyone or white men generally.

I can use a tone that is flippant, sarcastic, mocking…yes above I was mocking the expectations and experiences of a certain type of white man, typically the ones who identify as conservative and tend to believe that their well-being has to be placed above, well above all others. Yes, I unapologetically mock that perspective, and I am annoyed by this demand for empathy for it.

No I will not be “empathetic” for white men who are facing the harsh realities that everyone else on the planet has always had to face. I find it utterly ridiculous for anyone, much less a black woman to demand, that I do.

I’m not a particularly empathetic person…but whatever empathy I do have is not- I assure it is NEVER- going to be wasted on the generic conservative white male monolith and their temper tantrums over the fact that their reign of oppression and exploitation is nearing an end in America— please!

Oppression and exploitation now belong to a new class of people…the global 1 percenters- fairly diverse and equally opportunistic in their exploitation and oppression…white men don’t get automatic passes anymore. That’s all that’s happening…yes major economic shifts are destroying the free passes that American white men have utilized for years.

Now they gotta hustle…like everyone else…boo hoo (sarcasm dripping.)


I like Shakespeare too, a helluva a storyteller, or probably a helluva a business man who exploited a bunch of storytellers…I have no idea what any of that, has to do with any of this…except maybe to say…Shakespeare could hustle.

Working with the Light!

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