I have yet to see this ad, and I wonder what it’s going to be like, because of course I am going to Google it now.

But it seems like it was about a BLM protest, with Kylie Jenner (WTF?) at the center? And she’s all like: “Let them drink Pepsi!”

I hope I’m wrong. If that’s the case, Jenner just made Marie Antoinette look good.

And as for Pepsi, they could care less that Black Lives don’t matter, and authentic that they didn’t pretend that was the issue. Pepsi is far more concerned about those influential and litigious Kardashians, and their power to turn public opinion against Pepsi. That’s the real upset in all of this, so Pepsi rushed to keep the Kardashians happy, first and foremost. As for all those black lives not mattering, well they can drink Pepsi. Didn’t you see the commercial? Clearly that’s the solution!

Working with the Light!