I haven’t seen BLM or Antifa roll up anywhere 1000 deep wielding torches and bats beating on babies, old folks and fools. But neo-Nazi altright did, the world watched and was disgusted.

That’s a real punk move, to say the least. The epitome of cowardice.

Here’s an idea for the Alt-right. This is a win-win for everyone. Take that same Charlottesville protest to the Cabrini Green projects in Chitown! Altright protest there, with the real, true, hardcore thugs and gangstas! Truly show us your superiority! I wanna see how the altright white is so down for whatever! Take it to the streets, for real! Light it up and set it off!

No one will care about the casualties — either way. And altright can engage in the race war it desperately wants, with impunity. It’s the perfect solution to a multitude of problems.

But I’m guessing…not gonna get no altright takers on that. Because it’s hard to feel like a real man with your guts bleeding out all over the sidewalk cause you got stomped into oblivion by those you really, truly fear…and don’t have the courage to face.

It’s so much easier to feel like a man beating on babies, old folks and fools.

But rolling 1000 deep on babies, old folks and fools — and maybe 20 black people, in a small town? That’s a punk move and punks aren’t real.

Working with the Light!

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