I hear ya, but I really don’t think he is trying to advance their agenda either. I mean come on! That’s not fair. He didn’t go hard on Hillary it’s true…and being Eminem he sure could have and that would have been totally consistent with who he is (a sexist asshole.)

But he wasn’t for her either. He just said she was criticized for doing all the same crooked, Grimy, crazy shit the Don has done.

And he’s right.

Eminem’s a Libra…might not mean much to you, but as a fellow Libra let me assure you, we are obsessed with fairness.

And the shit half the people in this country have empowered Trump to pull, all the while dissing the f@ck our of Hillary?



It’s the principal!

You crazy sexist, assholes (not you Cait, but almost everyone who voted for Trump-yeah YOU) have worked my last damn nerve with this sexist ass Hillary hating.

It’s the mfing principal.

Hate a Bezos, or a Soros or a Zuckerberg or a Page…have some balls and step to the real big dicks instead of incessantly Hillary bashing. It’s a coward, punk bitch move…yeah I said it. All the Hillary haters are punk bitch, cowards cause you won’t step to the real threat, punk asses!

Not you Cait. You ain’t no punk…I’ll give you that.

Working with the Light!

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