I hear you and I appreciate your very lengthy post regarding journalists and their incentives; but I don’t necessarily agree with her being outside the norm. Journalists do some pretty sleazy things, case and point, taking pictures at the scene of Princess Diana’s automobile crash, that they allegedly caused.

I think this report got in trouble because a huge fan base was troubled by the tweet, and the Post, being a business, did not want to be on the wrong side of that drama.

Personally? I agree that the tweet was very ill-timed. What was that about? Survivor rage most likely.

I’m an attorney who deals with victims of sexual harassment, and these victims are treated so unfairly by almost all aspects of our society. There is a rage and a reckoning a brewing…the same thing with racism. I represent minorities as well, and being an African-American female (from the ghetto) I see this issue from a variety of angles.

Would the reporter have dared to issue such a tweet, so quickly, after the death of Larry Byrd? Hmmmm, now that’s an interesting query, what do you think?

I’d say, probably not. She’s no fool. But she thought Koby was low hanging fruit, and she went for it.

Blame it on the ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-capital(ism).

And the brewing rage, among all women that have experienced the sleazier side of our systems that don’t acknowledge or take appropriate action when they are sexually assaulted.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!