I honestly don’t think all of it is calculated behavior…some sexual assault is due to misunderstanding what constitutes consent and. poor communication skills and different communication skills — men and women communicate differently. Men communicate are socialized to communicate more aggressively, and so they seem to understand that kind of communication best, but they do not respond well to women communicating with them in that way. Which is to say, they clearly understand, “No! Hell, no!” But get offended when that is expressed. Anything short of that, they contend is possibly a yes. But clearly when women are unresponsive or are using body language to communicate no, that should be interpreted as no. But many men don’t agree. So This is the miscommunication component.

But, there are predators — and they are entirely different. Like Trump, they seek out certain situations and use their power to assault, humiliate, degrade and in extreme cases torture and murder victims. They are cold, calculating and know how to hide in plain sight. They study their victims, going after certain weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They have a trail of bodies behind them. They are the cancer.

Working with the Light!

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