I know…I tell Black Americans (to make them feel better) what “white Americans” have done to black Americans, was learned behavior from the English who STAYED beating them Irish and Scottish down ATROCIOUSLY for at least 1000 years…plus they wasn’t even all that nice to each other…the English…and let’s not even touch on them damn Vikings! WTF!!!! Like Scandinavia’s be like…yeah we Murder people…for fun…it’s what we do!

And I know it’s not just white people…i just don’t know the history of other folk…but a Muslim told me that before Muhammad…then people used to bury baby girls in SAND…the Chinese dress them up and put them under trees TO DIE (like I think they think the dressing them up abs putting them under trees makes it okay?!??)

I get that all this abuse is about the worst in human nature being enabled by corrupted systems…but I am addressing the system that impacts me and mine, first.

As for cousins…we might be!

My sister says everyone is related to everyone…it’s just a matter of tracing it.

Working with the Light!

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