I know. It’s sad really and it was the reason I couldn’t get excited about Bernie. Even if he had run, he would have been destroyed in some way, by whoever pulls the strings. It happened to Obama and I knew it would. I know that beast! There was even a film, that came out in the 90s, about Washington DC being totally run by lobbyist. It doesn’t matter who is in power, the money behind the machine plays to both sides and gets what it wants. The problem is it just keeps getting greedier and greedier and greedier. Now it wants it all and it’s competing with Trump who also wants it all. It is a disgraceful situation, economically tragic for all of us average Americans. It’s all the more frustrating that most Refuse to accept this! They just refuse!

Well I sure hope Mr. Corbyn does win, just the symbolism alone. I thought May was untouchable, though. A slicker, cleaner more popular Hillary.

The US and U.K. are kissing cousins, and what one does the other generally mimics. Hopefully the U.K. Goes it’s on way, this time, and doesn’t follow our treacherous path of allowing unchecked greed to do what it wants.

Americans are maybe uniquely stupid, in the way we allow ourselves to be brainwashed into believing there are real political choices. Immigrants see through the con immediately. They laugh at our talk of freedom.

The Millennials all over, think differently. Good that they are allowing themselves to be brainwashed.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!