I know right! Like how you’re going to deny that this ⬇️ ever happened, because it’s outside of YOUR bubble.

But I take in all the information, from all sides. And for someone like Caitlin Johnstone, who really doesn’t have a dog in this fight, I am guessing she does too, and can make some pretty clear and accurate observations. She is truly on point, this time.

As for the riots, the mobs, they are and have always been on both sides of the racial divide.

Slave revolts, there were a plenty. American history keeps that real quiet kept. I wonder why?

But let me tell you this sir, I am definitely the type to tear some sh@t up, before I will ever resort to being your slave. And there are a million others who think like me, and talk like me and we are DONE. Do you hear me? DONE with all that oppressive slave bullshit. It is NOT happening.

And I know that pisses you off… I know you would like to believe in your ability to rape, plunder, pillage and enslave without consequences…but nah. That time is over. That is done.

Ain’t gone be no more of this ⬆️.

Working with the Light!

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