I like feminism is causing climate change! Auntie Ingrid can that be the title of the play? And of course there has to be a duel (pre-industrialism) and a machine gun fight (post-industrialism). (I love the props — although I am afraid to ask what the jar is for.) Maybe a special prop request made by Progressive Reformation? Because progressive reformation sounds like a bloody sport, but how could it not be, with feminism causing all this climate change? Progressive Reformation…that could be a good title also. But we can’t have a title and a character by the same name…that would be too confusing.

Well, just cause I like to drive people nuts, I would like to pull in another character.

This one is virtual. Just a random You-Tube guy talking about feminism. (Name is Tim Foley in case anyone wants to check him out.) Not very popular on YouTube. How did I even come across him? Someone put him in the comment section on my article on reason, claiming that he is Caitlin Johnstone husband, and writes most of her articles. I have no idea whether this is true, or not. But I clicked on the link provided, checked him out and he’s posting some pretty bizarre stuff, whatever his affiliation. I like him! He posts nothing that seems even remotely similar to anything Caitlin is writing, but who knows. The internet is super tricksy.

So if it’s a play on feminism and climate change…I think we can use Tim as the antagonist for both PR and Justin’s characters. If we could have him on a big screen in the background…and Justin could come out and be all like, “fag hag” or “cuck.” And since PR loves point and counterpoint, he could write a counterpoint soliloquy to this whole video (accentuated by Justin’s occasional slurs and rants of course.)

Yes…I see it coming together. Feminism is Causing Climate change. John Hopkins can be a sort of Rod Serling like narrator. He can start off with something like: “Feminism. Is it a diabolical evil, destroying the planet and everyone on it? Or is it just the next uncomfortable stage in our human evolution? What if I told you feminism was making the planet hotter? What if I told you Donald Trump and the feminist were working together? What if I told you Climate Change is real and it’s being caused by the feminists? Would you finally believe it? Find these answers and more, as we muddle through this new world that has incidentally turned into the Twilight Zone.

Working with the Light!

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