I like finding this kind of Troll and via engagement, exposing their trolling, usually on black lives matter issues, which are important to me.

On any social media involving black lives matter topics, you will encounter almost all of the trolls you’ve comprehensively listed here.

I often engage these trolls, in an informed and enlightened way. I try not to be hostile, but probably sometimes I am, if I see relentless bullying or manipulation/ suppression of facts. I hate it when trolls spread misinformation about events that actually happened, and especially around black lives matter issues. Blaming victims for their own senseless deaths is particularly inhuman to me; and I tell these trolls as much. They usually just ignore me, however and continue to post this commentary about why the individual killed by police brutality was at fault.

Another tactic used by trolls, that I don’t see listed here, is the posting of the same information (often erroneous information) over and over and over again. If I see one more troll post about the damn FBI study that allegedly shows that law enforcement has no bias against blacks, I will vomit. Not really, but truly I’m so sick of that troll post!

The extreme racists trolls usually get ignored. The “I don’t understands” may really not understand because if you’re encountering a subculture that you don’t have much experience with, there probably is a lot that you don’t understand.

The typical “I know everything and there is no racism in America because Barack Obama is president and Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire” commenter is also probably not intentional trolling either. That is probably a function of both white privilege and white ignorance of race relations in America.

I think it is important to interact with trolls on this issue, because essentially what a lot of these trolls are trying to convey is that it is okay to kill black people. People who are not understanding what exactly is going on can be influenced by such trolls — especially the more sophisticated ones, as I’ve identified above in my highlight.

State sanctioned and very brutal violence against black people is not okay. Ive always been against this sort of violence no matter who it is directed against. But now that is is being directed so specifically at people who look like me, I am speaking up and out, not simply out of moral imperative, but self-preservation.

Ever since the establishment of this country there has been much state sanction violence directed against African-Americans and to deny that is basically to deny history. I implore people to be decent and human. Don’t be someone who attempts to justify the senseless death of another human being; and if you see someone doing that, call them on it. Tell them it is wrong.

Thanks for this very comprehensive piece on trolls. I have made a very intentional effort to respond, not just to trolls, but anyone who provides commentary on the black lives matter movement, which I believe misses the point of that movement entirely. It is not racist to say, “stop killing us.” And if you don’t get that, I just want to have a conversation with you, even if you are a troll.

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