I love it! I’ve been thinking like this ever since I studied political science in college 20 years ago, but no one else could even begin to conceive of a viable economic system outside of capitalism. Capitalism demands a 1%, that is simply the way it is structured. Why do so many people think is such a great thing? It is designed to mercilessly exploit almost everyone and everything. I agree, culture cannot be owned; and I think that these misappropriation accusations are a bit ridiculous, but I understand that this sort of language is developing so that we can identify inappropriate exploitation of certain cultures. I agree that accusations get us no where, spinning endlessly in divide and conquer politics. I don’t agree with the white guilt thing. White people generally fall into three camps, those who feel guilty for being white and want to make amends, (very small percentage), those who either are or pretend to be blissfully unaware of their white privilege, (probably the largest percent) and finally those who want to desperately believe that they are better than nonwhites, which in turn allows them to justify any number of atrocities against nonwhites (a smaller percent than the unawares, but still a good percentage.) I say all of that to say this, the larger percentage of whites will resist any guilt or blame of any kind — and they should. It’s not their fault, they are victims of these corrupt systems the same as we all are, and the trick to ending these divide and conquer politics is getting them to see that. I do not want my white brothers and sisters to feel guilty. I want them WOKE. Wake the hell up white people! These systems are not benefitting you! They’ve always been designed to only benefit a very small, elite, few…and not just white few either…but always the few, the royalty.

Working with the Light!

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