😁😭😭😄😭🤣🤣😆😁😆🤣😭😭😄😄🤣😆😁😆 I love, love, love this story! It’s incredible! I’ve experienced synchronicity (which you describe really well) but never to that degree, and never with such an extraordinary outcome!

My thoughts are…maybe with all the manifesting work you did on Mount Dora, you were actually manifesting the home you actually got! It seems lovely…honestly, I’ve seen pictures, and it just seems like such a great place…and so perfectly suited to your needs! Awesome!

When we attempt to manifest using LOA, were supposed to keep things open, and say: this (whatever we’re trying to manifest) or something better. Maybe, you got your “something better!” It sure sounds like it!

Some of the easiest times I have had manifesting things, is when I was entirely unattached to the outcome.

For example, my friend bought this gorgeous new car, a sports car, as a treat to herself. Slightly jealous, I too decided that I wanted one.

But I didn’t need one…I had a perfectly fine car. No reason to buy a new one. I did this silly manifesting excercise involving a car…just for kicks. I did not need or really strongly want a new car.

Then, my son wrecked my car. It was totaled. I was devastated. I didn’t want a new car like that! Buying a new car under those circumstances was SUCH A DRAG!

I was getting super frustrated. Nothing was working out with the process…but then I ran into a string of synchronicities- nothing as amazing as what you described, but I ended up at the right dealership, with the right sales guy, getting the perfect car at the perfect price.

I was very, very happy with that car; and I had grown unhappy with the other. Which was perfectly fine…I was just at a stage in life where I had outgrown it. It was a totally frivolous manifestation…and I ended up getting to the right place with it via synchronicity.

Soooooooooo…I do think they are related…LOA and synchronicity. I don’t think your Mount Dora work was in vain…but I do think your experiences with that were scary. I can totally understand you feel like you’re allergic to LOA. I don’t think I’d touch LOA with a ten foot pole, if I were you.

But you really don’t need to follow those very formal practices. All one really needs to do is think about what they want, and feel good or neutral about it.

With the car, I had no strong feelings…I just wrote myself a little note about how having a new car would make me feel…next thing I know, I got it. (And I had completely forgotten that I had even wished for it.)

But…the way I got it…kind scary. That’s why you do, indeed have to be careful with LOA.

Working with the Light!

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